Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism

If you are a student at a college or university, you need to avoid plagiarism in your work, or you may face problems. There are some extremely clear guidelines to follow which can guarantee that you are not copying anything from someone else’s work. For instance, one should not copy any content, in the same words, without including quotes and giving a source to the work cited. This is a simple thing to understand and something that most students do not follow. Writing academic reports and case studies is not always easy and students are looking for online essay writing services in the USA. If you are also one of those students and you need a cheap essay writing service in the USA, we are here to help you. At Grade Amplifier, you will get the best essay writing services in the USA.

What is Plagiarism?

As indicated by the Merriam-Webster word dictionary, plagiarism means: “to steal and use (the thoughts or expressions of another) as one’s own: use (another’s creation) without crediting the source”.

The use of “steal” in this definition, incorporates occasions when someone else’s thoughts or words are purposefully utilized without crediting the source. Indeed, even unintentionally utilizing another’s thoughts or words without appropriate citation, because of carelessness, falls under this definition since your writing will be submitted as your work.

Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism:

It is not easy to avoid plagiarism when you are writing an academic report. Grade Amplifier can surely help you avoid plagiarism and provide you with unique reports and essays for your college. If you are looking for dissertation writing services in the USA, you are already in the right spot.

Let us guide you on how to avoid plagiarism:

1. Cite your source

When using thought or wording that is not your own, include a citation in your writing that recognizes the complete name of the source, the date it was published, and all other citation components which are required by the style of citation you are using.  

2. Include Quotes

On the off chance that you use exact words from a source you need to use the quotation marks ”__” around the sentence or the content you used. Utilizing quotes around the content will indicate that the words aren’t your own.

3. Paraphrase

Summarizing the content from a source or information into your own words without changing its meaning is called paraphrasing. You need to be cautious—summarizing can slip into plagiarism if you do not do it accurately. You need good homework help service in the USA to make sure you get a proper paraphrasing of any content reused in your work.

4. Use Your Ideas

Rather than repeating the source’s thoughts or words, research about your topic and write your ideas. Ask yourself what ideas you can add in your writing which are completely yours. Remember that in case you’re suggesting a source’s thoughts or words to outline your point of view, you’ll despite everything need to apply the rules above to abstain from copying.

In case you’re writing on a similar subject for many reports, it may very well be tempting to reuse a part of your past words—this is classified “self-plagiarism”. The risk associated with self-plagiarism is similarly as high if the publisher or your educator didn’t allow you to reuse your old work.

5. Use a Plagiarism Checker

While writing your research or any literature, you have to avoid all kinds of plagiarism but in case you are not sure if you have had any content which is not yours, you can always use an online plagiarism checker. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers available that are free of cost and provide almost accurate measurement of plagiarism.

In case you need an exact detection of plagiarism in your writing you have to use a paid plagiarism checker. At Grade Amplifier, we use only premium paid plagiarism checkers. We make sure you get the plagiarism free content. We employ all the above-mentioned techniques to avoid plagiarism in our essay writing services in the USA.

6. Proofread

Proofreading is a prerequisite and it will likewise help with your plagiarism too. You can hire the best essay writer in the USA yet proofreading your work will be required. It doesn’t require any money to proofread your paper and ensure you have cited each source you utilized.

7. Include Value

Try not to utilize all the data you find in your sources. Increase the value of the point by including your very own point of view. This is going to bring down the plagiarism score in your writing. It shows that you comprehend what you are discussing. You can just do this by researching until you arrive at a point where all the information connects.

8. Reference Page

Another simple method to avoid plagiarism is to incorporate a reference page towards the end of your paper. Simply use the references list in the paper and let your readers know all the sources you used.

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