The Best Ways of Proofreading Your Work

Proofreading is the last step of writing a report or research paper, aimed to find mistakes in grammar, sentence structure, and everything else before the final work is submitted. At Grade Amplifier, we offer the best essay writing services in the USA which also covers the proofreading part of your essay. We make sure you get the final document without any grammar, punctuation, structure, or citation error.

Why Is Proofreading Significant?

When writing something – regardless of whether it is an article, blog, academic paper, or an email, you have to proofread everything before you submit the writing. Mistakes in writing can cost the students their grades and also bring down the overall academic performance.

If you are writing a research paper, the paper must be free from any sort of linguistic errors as it can bring down the quality. Here are 10 tips you should remember while proofreading your work:

1. Proofread after overall revision:  

If you did an overall revision and removed some content from your article or paper, this isn’t the ideal chance to proofread your writing. First, you need to complete the writing part and then you can move towards proofreading.

In addition, try to give a gap between writing and proofreading. It can vary from few hours to few days.  This removes a significant part of the remainders of the writing from your mind thus, gives you breathing space and a new point of view, permitting you to spot errors without any problem.

2. Utilize online editing software before you proofread

Spelling and grammar checking websites and apps can be extremely useful in making your writing work error-free. In addition, you can give it a cleaned look by fixing punctuation issues and including images, tables, and graphs. Be that as it may, MS Word spell checker or some other spell-checking programs might miss the grammatical errors like writing ‘he’ rather than ‘the’.

If you realize you regularly commit particular grammatical mistakes and errors; you can check for those errors independently. For instance, type in ‘its’ and ensure none of those examples should be ‘it’s’.

3. Put it in writing

It is significant that you proofread your writing from a printed paper and not from any digital screen. It is easy to spot mistakes when you read something on paper. Reading from a paper will assist you with seeing mistakes considerably more as compared to reading it on a screen. Circle the mistakes on the paper and correct them on screen.

4. Concentrate and take as much time as is needed

Before you begin to proofread, ensure you don’t have any interruptions around you. When you are proofreading you might want to turn off your phone and stay away from any other task. You need to take your time in proofreading the writing.

5. Read it aloud

You are bound to discover grammatical mistakes and missing commas on the off chance that you read your paper to someone else. Reading a paper quietly won’t let you put weight on singular words and you may miss out on specific mistakes, for example, run-on sentences, and expressions that just don’t sound right.

6. Read it in reverse

At the point when you are reading your work, your mind addresses the mistakes in your thinking naturally as it recognizes what you needed to compose. This makes you miss out on errors while proofreading. To break this scenario, it’s ideal to start at the end of writing and work your way to the top sentence by sentence. Your mind can likewise concentrate on single sentences this way. When you are done, you can read it again for the last time.

7. Be cautious about homonyms

Your MS Word spell check won’t get homonym errors. Homonyms are those words with comparable articulation yet various implications and frequently, various spellings. If you are writing ‘their’ rather than ‘there’, it could wind up being a significant error that changes the importance of a sentence. So, give exceptional consideration to homonyms.

8. Check your punctuation

Your and you’re, its and it’s, there and they’re – are generally overlooked when proofreading a work. Comma joins, punctuation issues, lost quotes, wrong capitalization, and other punctuation mistakes are very common. So, remember how significant those little words are while proofreading your work. They might change the importance of your sentence!

9. Double-check numerical values

If you mistakenly add a zero to a specific cost cited in your report or miss the full stop while writing the US populace of 321.4 million, it can have an extensive impact and could even reason a ton of humiliation. You have to crosscheck any numerical values you used in your work.

10. Remove the superfluous words

Utilizing pointless words to top off and swell your writing is not a decent practice. Proofread your work and remove such examples for a cleaner, more professional look.

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