Lyric poetry uses metaphors and conceits to express “deeply personal feelings” as it “unsettles, disturbs, and makes us wonder.” Examining “The House of Yemanjá,” identify places where Audre Lorde uses metaphors and shows deeply personal feelings, and explain how these metaphors might contribute to a goal of unsettling us or inspiring wonder.

From the House of Yemanja depicts a strong of a young trying to live to the expectations of her mother. In the poem, Audre Lorde provides the perceptive of the young girls preoccupied with pleaser her mother. However, her mother does not know her efforts. Indeed, the poem is great, owing to the genius writing of Audre Lorde. The poem is more of an autobiography, as it tries to explain the lack of emotional connection between a daughter and her mother. Indeed, for a child, lacking the emotional connection with distant parents could be a disturbing experience. Lorde grew up in similar family and it influences her writing. The readers emotionally connect with her thoughts, as she used the metaphors and repetition.

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